Sep 7, 2015

Beer Tasting - ZywiecI

It going to be interesting how I had these beer tastings now that I just kicked off the overnight shift at work. Have it at 645 AM when I get home from work? 1 PM with breakfast? heh!

Zywiec is a Polish brew. It pours very clear with a large head no matter how I angle the glass. It smells of bread and yeast. I didn't pick up much in the way of a hops smell.

Initial taste was not pleasant. Bitter and yeasty. The second mouthful was more pleasant. It mellowed. Little if no yeast in the taste. Smoother but still bitter. Very weird comparing the the two.

1.5 steins for the initial taste. 3.0 for the follow up. 2.25 overall. Probably not returning to this one.

Sep 5, 2015

Beer Tasting - Harp (on tap)

So, I went down to my local pub and decided to get a pint of Harp to go with my bacon cheeseburger and fries. I must say, it was a damn good combo.

Harp is hoppy yet pretty smooth and quite drinkable. I do prefer it on tap over bottles. Might be solely on appearance tho - Harp on draft tends to have a nice head.

This isn't one of those beers I can drink all night (which might be a good thing.) It tends to fill me up after 2 or 3 pints whereas Shocktop is just scarily drinkable ;)

So, how many steins? 3.75. Not quite a 4.0 but certainly not a beer I'd say no to.

I still need to do the "Root Beer" taste off...

Sep 1, 2015

Beer Tasting - Shocktop Honeycrisp Apple Wheat

Long evening at work last night - I drank it before I even thought of taking a pic ;)
I got stuck with some overtime last night (both pre tour and after tour) so when I got home I popped open a Shocktop Honeycrisp Apple Wheat. Damn but it was refreshing. It was also gone before I remembered to take the pic.

Not quite a cider (although there is cider in it) it does have a quick, refreshing apple taste while retaining the character of a wheat beer at it's core. Not sure I taste the honey but I am pretty sure I tasted some cinnamon.

Oh, and can't complain about the 16oz can either ;)

4 1/4 steins. Very tasty. Goes down smooth. Fruity, so if you don't like fruit in your beer you might want to skip this one.

Aug 31, 2015

Two Growlers Properly Emptied and the Upcoming Tasting List.

So, we had Finback's En Verano Saturday night and the Double Session last night when I got how from work. Just as tasty as when we got them on tap. Again, I'm very surprised by the En Verano - striking jalapeno taste without the heat.

Now that the growlers are done, the question becomes what do we taste tonight? We do have two different root beers, the Shock Top Apple, some Polish brews, a Magic Hat assortment, Oscillation (that's the cans in the pick from Finback) different ciders and a few odds and ends in the fridge.

Anyone have a preference? I know +Joseph Bloch would like to see the root beer comparison ;)

Aug 30, 2015

Supermarket Beer Pick Ups - Food Bazaar - Long Island City, Queens, NY (and a Beer Tasting Snuck In)

Yes, after hitting the Finback Brewery in Glendale, NY, Rach and I made a visit to the Food Bazaar Supermarket in Long Island City on Norther Blvd. It's a huge supermarket with decent prices and an excellent selection. And beer.

It's craft beer selection makes it a decent competitor for my beer money when put up against my local beer distributor. The 4 pack of the Shock Top Apple was $4.99. The Coney Island Root Beer was $10.99 I believe (cheaper than my local Stop & Shop - I haven't seen this at my beer distributor.)

Baltika 9 Extra Lager is the piss beer from last night. I had the smaller bottle - well, some of it. I still have the huge liter and a half bottle. Cheap, disgusting beer at 8% ABV - if you can drink piss, it should get you drunk twice as fast as the average brew. Alright, it's not really piss. Just horrible. Smells like a Heineken that went bad years ago (that was Rach's reaction when giving the glass I poured a sniff) and has a weird aftertaste. No rating. It's that bad.

Bad Beer. Fun Beer Song.

I just had a horrible Russian beer. It was a 1/2 liter. I poured it out about 1/4 of the way in. Sad thing is, there's still a 1 1/2 liter plastic bottle of this piss in the fridge.

I'll see if Rach can capture my expression next time around.

In the meantime, enjoy South Park's Beer Song :)

Aug 29, 2015

Brewery Visit - Finback Brewery - Glendale, NY

Finback taps and pricing. 4oz sample, 12 oz glass, 32 and 64 oz growlers
Wow. Simply f'n wow. Finback has 12 taps. All beer brewed on the premises. And it was good.

Rach and I started with a set of 5 samplers: Auspicious Day, Double Sess, En Verano, Oscillation and Future Past. Later we added a sampler of The Loneliness of a Distant Space and came back for a full glass of En Verano.

Auspicious Day, Double Sess, En Verano, Oscillation and Future Past
Quick remarks:
Auspicious Day was surprisingly sweet for an over hopped IPA. Rach enjoyed this and she doesn't generally enjoy IPAs or overly hoppy beers. 
Double Sess - There's peppers and camomile in here. Slightly sharp in taste it's quite pleasant. One of the two growlers we left with. 
En Verano - Jalapeno and citrus. You can certainly smell the jalapeno. Surprisingly, there is little heat - but lots of taste - from the jalapeno. Second growler accounted for. This beer has a very sharp taste. Simply amazing. 
Oscillation was the 2nd IPA. Slightly citrus in taste, the hops added a bitterness that didn't linger. This was available in a 4 pack of 16 oz cans. We left with a 4 pack. 
The Future Past - Maybe I just don't appreciate sour ales. The sour lingered. The actual taste behind the sour was fine. 
The Loneliness of a Distant Space - another sour ale. You could barely smell the nectarines and I couldn't taste them. The sour didn't linger as long as that of the Future Past.
We were at Finback for about an hour on the dot. Nice relaxed atmosphere with lots of seating. I believe the popcorn was free and there were some chips for sale, but we weren't there for the food. We were there for the beer, and it was good.

We plan to hit another local brewery in 2 weeks or so but Rach is already planning on refilling our two growlers next week.


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