Aug 27, 2015

Another Beer Podcast - Beer Sessions Radio

As I mentioned previously, I've been adding Craft Beer Podcasts to the ever growing number of podcasts I listen to on my commute (and other long drives.) I find podcasts to be more engaging than simply listening to music and they are generally price the same as air - free.

Beer Sessions Radio is the most recently added to the list of podcasts.  Now, I've only listened to the two recent "cider" episodes, but I find it to be very different from Brew Review on Tap podcasts. Where the Brew Review covers a lot of ground with each episode with it's friendly banter, Beer Sessions Radio appears more geared to follow themes with each episode.

I like Jimmy the host. He knows when and where to interject without derailing a thought process while also keeping things on track.

Obviously I need to listen to a few more episodes to get a fuller feel for the show, but I like what I've listened to thus far. Didn't hurt that my wife is a huge cider fan. I'll be expanding her cider awareness in the near future ;)

As a side note, we head to the Finback Brewery on Saturday for some flights and a growler or two for the road.

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