Aug 28, 2015

Beer Tasting - Shock Top Belgian White

Yes, I know. Shock Top. To be honest, I never really found it all that striking in the bottle but on tap it seems like a totally different beer. Kind of the reverse of Blue Moon for me - I like the bottles, not so much the tap.

I truly enjoy Shock Top Belgian White on tap at my local pub (and it seems like they fixed the pressure on that individual tap line, as it no longer showers my bartender in suds. Ah well ;) I can distinctly taste the citrus. The coriander? Not so much.

As an aside, I'd steer clear of the flavored raspberry Shock Top in the bottle. The added flavoring seems forced. and overpowering.

I'd put Shock Top Belgian White on tap at a very solid 4.5 steins. In the bottle? 3.5 to 4.0 and avoid getting yourself a raspberry.

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  1. Is your score out of 5 or 10?
    And aside from the citrus, how's it actually taste?


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