Aug 29, 2015

Brewery Visit - Finback Brewery - Glendale, NY

Finback taps and pricing. 4oz sample, 12 oz glass, 32 and 64 oz growlers
Wow. Simply f'n wow. Finback has 12 taps. All beer brewed on the premises. And it was good.

Rach and I started with a set of 5 samplers: Auspicious Day, Double Sess, En Verano, Oscillation and Future Past. Later we added a sampler of The Loneliness of a Distant Space and came back for a full glass of En Verano.

Auspicious Day, Double Sess, En Verano, Oscillation and Future Past
Quick remarks:
Auspicious Day was surprisingly sweet for an over hopped IPA. Rach enjoyed this and she doesn't generally enjoy IPAs or overly hoppy beers. 
Double Sess - There's peppers and camomile in here. Slightly sharp in taste it's quite pleasant. One of the two growlers we left with. 
En Verano - Jalapeno and citrus. You can certainly smell the jalapeno. Surprisingly, there is little heat - but lots of taste - from the jalapeno. Second growler accounted for. This beer has a very sharp taste. Simply amazing. 
Oscillation was the 2nd IPA. Slightly citrus in taste, the hops added a bitterness that didn't linger. This was available in a 4 pack of 16 oz cans. We left with a 4 pack. 
The Future Past - Maybe I just don't appreciate sour ales. The sour lingered. The actual taste behind the sour was fine. 
The Loneliness of a Distant Space - another sour ale. You could barely smell the nectarines and I couldn't taste them. The sour didn't linger as long as that of the Future Past.
We were at Finback for about an hour on the dot. Nice relaxed atmosphere with lots of seating. I believe the popcorn was free and there were some chips for sale, but we weren't there for the food. We were there for the beer, and it was good.

We plan to hit another local brewery in 2 weeks or so but Rach is already planning on refilling our two growlers next week.


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