Aug 24, 2015

Checking out Peak Organic Brewing Company

Part of my monthly 12 pack from the Craft Beer Club was from Peak Organic Brewing Company this month, a brewery located in Portland, Maine. As it say on the tin, it only uses organic materials in it's brewing ingredients.

The shipment included both the Summer Session Ale and their IPA.

My take on them?

The IPA comes it as 76 IBUs and initially hits you with a pine like taste, not that I've even eaten any part of  pine tree, so my initial reaction wasn't a pleasant one. Surprisingly, the pine taste quickly passes, leaving one with a nice IPA.

The Summer Session Ale left me a little wanting, probably because it tasted more like an IPA (61 IBU's) and less like the usual summer ales one finds (Sam Adam's makes a fine summer ale IMHO.) So, maybe it was expectations that failed me and not so much the beer. That being said, there wasn't a stark difference between Peak Organic IPA and Summer Ale.

I'd put the IPA at 3.5 Steins and the Summer Session Ale at 2.5 Steins on a scale of 1 to 5.

Ah well, I still have some Mad River Brewing Company to partake in.

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