Aug 30, 2015

Supermarket Beer Pick Ups - Food Bazaar - Long Island City, Queens, NY (and a Beer Tasting Snuck In)

Yes, after hitting the Finback Brewery in Glendale, NY, Rach and I made a visit to the Food Bazaar Supermarket in Long Island City on Norther Blvd. It's a huge supermarket with decent prices and an excellent selection. And beer.

It's craft beer selection makes it a decent competitor for my beer money when put up against my local beer distributor. The 4 pack of the Shock Top Apple was $4.99. The Coney Island Root Beer was $10.99 I believe (cheaper than my local Stop & Shop - I haven't seen this at my beer distributor.)

Baltika 9 Extra Lager is the piss beer from last night. I had the smaller bottle - well, some of it. I still have the huge liter and a half bottle. Cheap, disgusting beer at 8% ABV - if you can drink piss, it should get you drunk twice as fast as the average brew. Alright, it's not really piss. Just horrible. Smells like a Heineken that went bad years ago (that was Rach's reaction when giving the glass I poured a sniff) and has a weird aftertaste. No rating. It's that bad.

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  1. What did you make of the Zywiec? My wife and I were over in Poland in the summer and it became our go-to beer. Saw the Warka in the supermarket but never tried it unfortunately.


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