Aug 22, 2015

TipToeing Through the Local Breweries and Craft Beer

Earlier tonight I found myself going down the beer lovers rabbit hole - I started investigating local craft breweries in NYC and discovered not only were there far more than I expected, but some are far closer than they have any right to be.

So Rachel and I have decided that we are going to visit at least two breweries a month (and as many as four.) That a pretty big commitment from someone who's only been to a single brewery.

Beer is something I'm passionate about. I enjoy it (in moderation) and even home brewed in the past (and will get back to doing so as time permits.)

We're also getting monthly deliveries from the beer of the month as well as some decent microbrew selections at our local distributor.

We'll give our impressions of breweries and beer. From the amateur perspective. Maybe we'll rate our reviews from 1 to 5 steins ;)

Next weekend we plan to visit Finback Brewery in Glendale NY. Wish us luck :)

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