Sep 7, 2015

Beer Tasting - ZywiecI

It going to be interesting how I had these beer tastings now that I just kicked off the overnight shift at work. Have it at 645 AM when I get home from work? 1 PM with breakfast? heh!

Zywiec is a Polish brew. It pours very clear with a large head no matter how I angle the glass. It smells of bread and yeast. I didn't pick up much in the way of a hops smell.

Initial taste was not pleasant. Bitter and yeasty. The second mouthful was more pleasant. It mellowed. Little if no yeast in the taste. Smoother but still bitter. Very weird comparing the the two.

1.5 steins for the initial taste. 3.0 for the follow up. 2.25 overall. Probably not returning to this one.

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